Dr Carleton Jones of NUI Galway is our academic director.

Carleton received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1997 with a study of prehistoric landscapes in Ireland. Since receiving his PhD he has continued to carry out research on Roughan Hill, in the Burren Co. Clare, for which he has received grants from The Heritage Council and the Royal Irish Academy.

His research is concerned with investigating the organization and dynamics of prehistoric societies in Ireland. He is primarily focused on the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Early Bronze Age periods and to this end he has directed a long-term field project surveying and excavating on the Burren in western Ireland. The Roughan Hill Project has recorded and dated an extensive landscape of habitation sites, field divisions, and ritual monuments which allows interpretation to begin at the very local scale of a residential group and then expand geographically and chronologically.

His research takes an anthropological approach to the data and he is particularly concerned with the inter-relatedness of aspects such as the scale of residential groups and patterns of settlement, the economic activities of communities, contact and exchange networks and mechanisms, the scale and focus of ritual activities, and the nature of status distinctions.

Click here to see a list of Carleton's publications. A recent edition of his 'Temples of Stone' book can be purchased here.