We are now taking bookings for our 2019 Summer Season. Bookings can be made through PayPal (below) or by directly contacting us here.

To ensure your place - book now with a 10% deposit. For further details on the courses below click here

Session 1 or 5: 10% deposit

€ 175 

Irish prehistory and archaeological survey (2 weeks: total cost €1750)

Learn how to survey with a total station, create a 3D model with photogrammetry, do geophysical survey and visit some of Ireland's finest prehistoric sites.

Session 1: May 20th - May 31st                   Session 5: Aug 12th - 23rd

Session 2 or 4: 10% deposit

€ 345 

Archaeological excavation and recording techniques (4 weeks: total cost €3450)

Partake in the excavation of a barrow and investigate the remains of people who lived in the west of Ireland over 2000 years ago. Learn how to excavate, record, take digital photography, use photogrammetry, create a 3D model and get first-hand experience of excavating human remains. This courses includes weekly tutorials and lectures from visiting specialists.

June 3rd-June 28th or July 15th-Aug 9th

Sessions 2 & 3 or Sessions 3 & 4

€ 420 

'Archaeological excavation and recording techniques' & 'Experimental Archaeology' (5 weeks: total cost €4200)

Combine sessions 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 for a €150 discount.

June 3rd - July 5th or July 1st - Aug 9th*

*If you opt for the second session there is a 1 week break after the first week. 

Session 3 (10% deposit)

€ 90 

Experimental Archaeology (1 week: total cost €900)

Learn how to cast bronze objects and make pottery in the wonderful surrounds of Craggaunowen open-air archaeological museum. In 2018 we will be concentrating on Bronze Age artefacts. The cost of materials are included and students will be allowed to take home some of what they produce.

July 1st - July 5th

Session 1 & 2 or 4 & 5: 10% deposit

€ 480 

'Irish prehistory and archaeological' & 'Archaeological excavation and recording techniques' (6 weeks: total cost €4800)

Combine sessions 1 & 2 or 4 & 5 to get a €400 discount. Learn survey techniques, tour the sites and partake in all aspects of the excavation.

May 20th-June 28th or July 15th-Aug 23rd

Session 1, 2 & 3 or Session 3, 4 & 5

€ 535 

'Irish prehistory and archaeological survey', 'Archaeological excavation and recording techniques' and 'Experimental Archaeology' (7/8 weeks: total cost €5350)

For the ultimate introduction to Irish prehistory combine all three courses and attend our fieldschool for 7 weeks. 

May 20th - July 5th or July 1st - August 23rd*

*Please note that if you attend the during the second period the second week will be free. You are welcome to take this time to travel or to stay at the accomodation we provide. 

Join us for the entire summer

€ 8500 

If you would like to join us for the entire summer, we offer a significant discount. This would include 13 weeks of courses, Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. We would hope that students who take up this offer would take on additional responsibilities during the second half of the summer.

There is one week off in the middle of the summer (23-30th June), during which students would be free to travel on their own, or stay at the accomodation provided.

May 20th-Aug 23rd

Should any courses be cancelled a full refund will be given. If you wish to cancel a booking, a refund less an administrative fee will be returned up until March 31st 2019. The full balance of fees are due two weeks prior to the commencement of courses. You can pay the remainder of the fees by following this link. If you have attended the fieldschool before there is a discount; you can access those fees by following this link.