Archaeology and Popular Culture – 7 Ways it is Portrayed

Featuredimage Archaeology and Popular Culture 7 Ways it is Portrayed - Archaeology and Popular Culture - 7 Ways it is Portrayed

Archaeology has not escaped the pop culture portrayals, as it has been represented in many iconic movies, books, games and other mainstream media. The Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology shows you a few examples of how this science has been portrayed for all to see.

Indiana Jones – Movie

This cinematic classic from the early ’80s features the adventures of an archaeologist expert who travels the world to do his job. This is a glamorous portrayal, but it has encouraged millions of fans to get into archaeology.

The Dig – Videogame

Released back in ‘95 by Lucas Art, this game gives a sci-fi twist to archaeology because the main characters are exploring the remains of the central chamber inside an Asteroid. It is an entertaining game filled with museum themes and aliens helping humans.

The Last Gospel – Novel

Written by David Gibbins, this novel takes us back to the times before Jesus was crucified and back to modern age when an archaeologist is coming across signs of Jesus’ interactions.

The main character is an archaeologist named Jack Howard and the whole plot revolves around him and his team looking for that last gospel, travelling the world for clues and indicators.

Relic Raiders Slot

Released by NetEnt, this slot game available in online casinos features a theme that is inspired by Indiana Jones. All slots free spins are a regular bonus that this game has, but it also has many other fun features and it offers 50 paylines.

Lost Temple Slot

Another great archaeology-themed slot you can play on your smartphone, as it is offered by many online casinos. It is set in Latin America and was designed by Lightning Box. If you are looking for an exciting game that will give you profit, its symbols of explorers and treasure chests with excellent winning chances will enthral you.

Wall-E – Movie

This wonderful movie for kids made by Disney Pixar studios brings us the story of a robot exploring the human-devoid Earth in search of a plant. The archaeologist point in the plot is that human civilization is long-gone from the planet, thus it becomes a quest through ancient cultures.

Treasure Maps – Item

Every treasure quest and pirate adventure-themed item of pop culture has this element in them. Typically, treasure maps lead adventurers to excavations, and they end up exploring ancient cultures to fulfil their quest for riches and knowledge.

These ways in which pop culture has portrayed archaeology through the years has led to millions of youngsters to grow up with dreams of pursuing this science.