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My magazine has a big influence on many teens and adults, that’s why I offer a complete pack of advertising options which will enable you to enhance the growth and reach of your brand. I help you reach a premium niche audience of decision-makers with high resources.

I offer a full range of solutions for advertising customers ranging from corporations to small and medium enterprises. You get to choose the package that suits your needs and will find that my advertising team is fast and attentive to detail.

We strive to understand our customers’ business when creating simple or complex packages for them.

The time I have for these purposes can create publicity and provide some marketing advice when needed. These are people that are ready to work hard on giving you the service your brand needs to shine apart from the competition.

I offer quite affordable prices and many customizable options to keep up with your particular brand’s requirements. Keep in mind each brand will need a fitting marketing strategy.

Our prices have a 5% discount for the first month of subscription.


If you are interested in discussing a giveaway scenario, send me an email to sort out your ideas. The most commonly used giveaways are items that will put your brand in the minds of people everywhere.

Before starting to work on this, there are many questions that you have to answer. What elements should the advertising include? What should the key message be? What is the call to action? How much money do you have in your budget to start the business transaction?

With advertising, it’s important to remember that the ad can communicate the message not only with words but also potentially with images and sound. If you want to advertise a product with a proper strategy, the campaign will be successful.

We look forward to working with you as we have with other brands because we are specialists in the field.  Please feel free to contact us with all the questions you may have; all your inquiries and doubts will be answered as soon as possible.

Send us an email to the address posted on my About page and we can schedule an appointment for you.

85% per cent of our clients are pleased with our services because in the first month with us, they have seen the results and increased earnings from their business.